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Soil organic matter content according to different management system within long-term experiment.

  title={Soil organic matter content according to different management system within long-term experiment.},
  author={Monika Cvetkov and Igor {\vS}antavec and Darja Kocjan A{\vc}ko and Anton Tajn{\vs}ek},
  journal={Acta Agriculturae Slovenica},
Within the long-term field experiments at IOSDV Rakičan, Slovenia, the impact of organic matter management system and mineral nitrogen fertilization on the soil organic matter content was studied in the period 1994-2008. The annual balance of Corg was calculated on the basis of the quantity of added organic fertilizers (“Bavarian method”, “VDLUFA method”), while the “Swiss method” also consider the quantity of Corg in the topsoil in the calculation. The following management systems were… Expand

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