Soil invertebrate fauna enhances grassland succession and diversity

  title={Soil invertebrate fauna enhances grassland succession and diversity},
  author={Gerlinde Barbara De Deyn and Ciska E. Raaijmakers and H. Rik Zoomer and Matty P. Berg and Peter C. de Ruiter and Herman A. Verhoef and T Martijn Bezemer and Wim H. van der Putten},
One of the most important areas in ecology is to elucidate the factors that drive succession in ecosystems and thus influence the diversity of species in natural vegetation. Significant mechanisms in this process are known to be resource limitation and the effects of aboveground vertebrate herbivores. More recently, symbiotic and pathogenic soil microbes have been shown to exert a profound effect on the composition of vegetation and changes therein. However, the influence of invertebrate soil… CONTINUE READING