Soil-atmosphere exchange of radiatively and chemically active gases.

  title={Soil-atmosphere exchange of radiatively and chemically active gases.},
  author={M Aslam Khan Khalil and Reinhold A Rasmussen},
  journal={Environmental science and pollution research international},
  volume={7 2},
Exchanges between the soils and the atmosphere may control or significantly affect the global budgets of many environmentally important trace gases, both natural and man-made. Flux measurements, taken in several ecosystems, show that soils are a substantial source of chloroform (8 +/- 4 microg/m(2)/d) and a sink for methyl chloride (-10(-3)(+6) microg/m(2)/d). The known sources and sinks of these gases are insufficient to explain the observed concentrations. Our findings will help to balance… CONTINUE READING