Soil and sediment quality and composition as factors in the distribution of damage at the December 26, 2003, Bam area earthquake in SE Iran (Ms = 6.6)

  title={Soil and sediment quality and composition as factors in the distribution of damage at the December 26, 2003, Bam area earthquake in SE Iran (Ms = 6.6)},
  author={Khalil Rezaei and Bernard Guest and Anke M. Friedrich and Farajollah Fayazi and Mohamad Nakhaei and Seyed Mahmoud Fatemi Aghda and Ali Beitollahi},
  journal={Journal of Soils and Sediments},
Background, aim, and scopeThe rapid growth of the world’s population over the past few decades has led to a concentration of people, buildings, and infrastructure in urban areas. The tendency of urban areas to develop in sedimentary valleys has increased their vulnerability to earthquakes due to the presence of soft soil and sediment. Several earthquakes have clearly demonstrated that local soil and sediment conditions can have a significant influence on earthquake-induced ground motion and… 
Cross validation of geotechnical and geophysical site characterization methods: near surface data from selected accelerometric stations in Crete (Greece)
The specification of the near surface ground conditions is highly important for the design of civil constructions. These conditions determine primarily the ability of the foundation formations to
An effective stress-based parametric study on the seismic stability of unsaturated slopes with implications for preliminary microzonation
The stability of unsaturated slopes under seismic loading has become an important issue over the past few years which is the indication of its practical significance in geoengineering. This study
A Comparative Evaluation of Different Sediment Quality Guidelines for Metal and Metalloid Pollution in the Xiangjiang River, Hunan, China
  • Hui LiuKejing Zhang Yi Liu
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
    Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
  • 2017
Pearson correlation and linear regression analyses between the mean PEC quotients, sediment toxicity degree, interstitial water criteria toxic units, and sediment pollution index showed that these indexes were relatively consistent to assess the quality of sediments contaminated by heavy metals and metalloids in the Xiangjiang River.
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece
Block-in-matrix rocks (“bimrocks”) are complex, mixed and heterogeneous formations of competent blocks embedded in weaker matrix. The inherent difficulty of sampling and consequently, laboratory
Anisotropic kriging to derive missing coseismic displacement values obtained from synthetic aperture radar images
Abstract Coseismic displacements play a vital role in the characterization of geological faults and understanding earthquake dynamics. We demonstrate the utility of anisotropic geostatistics to
Influence of tannin in soil adjacent to Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. ex Del. on microbial population.
The tannin polyphenol in soil influence microbial growth. Soil fertility is mainly due to the microbial load existing in a place which is decided by the physical and chemical nature of the soil.
Can Community Social Cohesion Prevent Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in the Aftermath of a Disaster? A Natural Experiment From the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
Whether the predisaster level of community social cohesion was associated with a lower risk of PTSD after the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan, on March 11, 2011 was examined.
Characterization of Cementitiously Stabilized Layers for Use in Pavement Design and Analysis
This report presents information on the characterization of cementitiously stabilized layers and the properties that influence pavement performance. It also contains recommended performance-related
"Geo-characterization" of selected areas in Crete, Greece, towards realistic assessment of seismic design actions
Η ποσοτική eκτίμηση των χαρακτηριστικών παραμέτρων της ισχυρής eδαφικής κίνησης στους eπιφανeιακούς γeωλογικούς σχηματισμούς έχeι ιδιαίτeρη σημασία στην τeχνική σeισμολογία και την eδαφομηχανική. Στο
Conservation and Restoration of Adobe Architectural Heritage of Bam Citadel (Iran), Affected by the 26 December 2003 Bam Earthquake: Problems and Issues
The arguments of “Bam city” and “Bam and its Cultural Landscape” after the 2003 Bam earthquake have been the objects of debates in several studies and international conferences over the last two


Analysis of soil effects and distribution of damage from the Pyrgos 1993 (Greece) earthquake
SummaryOn 26 March, 1993, a moderate magnitude earthquake (Ms=5.5) occurred at 3 km epicentral distance from the town of Pyrgos, in Southern Greece, causing extensive damage to masonry houses. To
Site Response as a Function of Near-Surface Geology in the South Iceland Seismic Zone
Site response measurements provide information on the amplification of ground motions generated by local conditions. Recent studies of large destructive earthquakes have shown that damage during the
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Abstract — For the realistic modeling of the seismic ground motion in lateral heterogeneous anelastic media, the database of 3-D geophysical structures for Beijing City has been built up to model the
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The evaluation of seismic site response in the urban area of Catania was tackled by selecting test areas having peculiar lithological and structural features, potentially favourable to large local
Site Effects of the 2003 Bam, Iran, Earthquake
The site amplification characteristics of the 2003 Bam, Iran, earthquake were investigated based on geological studies as well as geophysical, microtremor and aftershock measurements conducted by
Geotechnical Site Characterisation in the Umbria-Marche Area and Evaluation of Earthquake Site-Response
In this research a site classification is proposed for the Umbria-Marche area (central Italy), based on geotechnical and geomorphological criteria. Two empirical techniques to evaluate site effects
Macroseismic evidence and site effects for the Lunigiana (Italy) 1995 Earthquake
On October 10, 1995, an ML= 4.8 (ING) earthquake occurred in the region of Lunigiana (northwestern Italy). The shock was felt over a large area and produced significant damage. We performed a
Microzonation of the city of Basel
During the past centuries, the city of Basel has suffered damage caused by earthquakes. One extraordinary event described in historical documents is the strong earthquake which occurred in 1356. The