Soil Organic Nitrogen Enrichment Following Soybean in an Iowa Corn – Soybean Rotation

  title={Soil Organic Nitrogen Enrichment Following Soybean in an Iowa Corn – Soybean Rotation},
  author={Dean A. Martens and Dan B. Jaynes and Thomas S. Colvin and Thomas Kaspar and Douglas L. Karlen},
Understanding soil organic N (ON) pool enrichment may help explain why rates of N fertilization required to attain maximum corn (Zea mays L.) yields are usually lower for corn following soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] than for corn following corn. Our objectives were to quantify the ON pools within a 16-ha Iowa field and to correlate those results with corn yield. Spring and fall measurements of ON content (0–15 cm soil) as amino acids (AAs), amino sugars (ASs), and NH4 were made using samples… CONTINUE READING


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