Soil Moisture Measurement for Ecological and Hydrological Watershed‐Scale Observatories: A Review

  title={Soil Moisture Measurement for Ecological and Hydrological Watershed‐Scale Observatories: A Review},
  author={David A. Robinson and Christopher S. Campbell and Jan W. Hopmans and Brian K. Hornbuckle and S. B. Jones and Robert W. Knight and Fred L. Ogden and John S. Selker and Ole Wendroth},
  journal={Vadose Zone Journal},
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At the watershed scale, soil moisture is the major control for rainfall–runoff response, especially where saturation excess runoff processes dominate. From the ecological point of view, the pools of soil moisture are fundamental ecosystem resources providing the transpirable water for plants. In drylands particularly, soil moisture is one of the major controls on the structure, function, and diversity in ecosystems. In terms of the global hydrological cycle, the overall quantity of soil… 

Quantifying Soil Moisture Distribution at a Watershed Scale

  • M. Jha
  • Environmental Science
  • 2012
Soil moisture content is a very vital component of the hydrological cycle. It is a key variable controlling water and energy fluxes in soils (Vereecken et al. 2007). It provides the plantavailable

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We explore and review the value of soil moisture measurements in vadose zone hydrology with a focus on the field and catchment scales. This review is motivated by the increasing ability to measure

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Soil moisture data are critical to understanding biophysical and societal impacts of climate change. However, soil moisture data availability is limited due to sparse in situ monitoring, particularly

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Satellite remote sensing of surface soil moisture

Soil is arguably the Earth’s most valuable nonrenewable resource and undoubtedly the most biologically diverse part of the biosphere. Roughly half of a soil’s volume is composed of mineral and

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Soil moisture is an essential climate variable influencing land-atmosphere interactions, an essential hydrologic variable impacting rainfall-runoff processes, an essential ecological variable

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The amount of surface soil moisture (SSM) is a crucial ecohydrological natural resource that regulates important land surface processes. It affects critical land–atmospheric phenomena, including the

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Soil moisture is widely recognized as a state variable governing the mass and energy balance between the land surface and the atmosphere. For that, its knowledge is of upmost importance for many

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A vital natural ecosystem balance including seed sprouting, plant nutrition and growth, water infiltration, plant transpiration, redistribution, evaporation, and percolation relies on paramount

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Soil moisture is an important component of the hydrological cycle. It is a control in the partitioning of energy and water related to evapotranspiration and runoff and thereby influences the

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The soil moisture dynamics under seasonally fixed conditions are studied at a point. The water balance is described through the representation of rainfall as a marked Poisson process which in turn

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The impact of climate fluctuations can be observed in the dynamics of vegetation and most particularly in the sensitive environment of savannas. In this paper we present a model for the local

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We couple a shear‐stress‐dependent fluvial erosion and sediment transport rule with stochastic models of ecohydrological soil moisture and vegetation dynamics. Rainfall is simulated by the Poisson

An Experimental Investigation of Runoff Production in Permeable Soils

In an area of low intensity rainfall and permeable soils, three hillside plots were instrumented for a study of runoff-producing mechanisms. Runoff from the plots was measured at the ground surface,