Soil Fertility Quality and Agricultural Sustainable Development in the Black Soil Region of Northeast China

  title={Soil Fertility Quality and Agricultural Sustainable Development in the Black Soil Region of Northeast China},
  author={Dazhong Wen and Wenju Liang},
  journal={Environment, Development and Sustainability},
  • Dazhong WenW. Liang
  • Published 1 March 2001
  • Geography
  • Environment, Development and Sustainability
The black soil in northeast China is considered one of the most fertile soils in China. Consequently, the black soil region has become one of the most important regions for cereal grain production in China. Agriculture has developed rapidly since the early part of the nineteenth century. To date, approximately 70 percent of total land in the area is cultivated. Even though the agricultural production in this region is increasing continuously, some soil fertility quality problems have become… 

Study on the quality improvement on black land in Northeast China under the environment of sustainable agricultural development

PurposeThe authors are committed to providing the Chinese government with a foundation for making decisions that will protect black land and ensure long-term agricultural

Alternative Farming Techniques for Sustainable Food Production

Sustainability and food security are the major challenges faced by third world countries for the past several decades. Most of the third world countries are also facing problems of climate change,

Basic properties of agricultural black soils in Slovakia using the INBS criteria

Distribution of black soils in Slovakia using the International Network of Black Soils (INBS) is evaluated in this paper. Numerous soil profiles (17,620 soil profiles from the complex soil survey of

The Effect of Fulvic Acids Derived from Different Materials on Changing Properties of Albic Black Soil in the Northeast Plain of China

Empirical evidence is provided that addition of fulvic acid from MDLF and PDLF had more positive effects on soil properties and plant growth than fulvic acids from PDSF, and this investigation suggests that application of ful Vic acid in liquid form can improve nutrient availability and affect other important chemical, biological, and physical properties of soils.

Effect of long-term cultivation on soil organic carbon fractions and metal distribution in humic and fulvic acid in black soil, Northeast China

Cultivation affects soil organic matter and its fractions. Fulvic acid (FA) and humic acid (HA) make up an important part of soil organic matter, and their binding capacity influences heavy metal

Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network With Fuzzy Lattice Inclusion Measure for Agricultural Circular Economy Region Division in Heilongjiang Province in China

The specific index system has been constructed and according to these indexes to divide the regions via a novel but more efficient clustering method called Improved Fuzzy min-max neural network with fuzzy lattice inclusion measure (FL-IFMM) proposed in this paper.

The relationship between soil nutrient properties and remote sensing indices in the Phaeozem region of Northeast China

  • Q. MaWan-tai YuHua Zhou
  • Environmental Science
    2010 Second International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Natural Computing
  • 2010
This study analyzed the relationships between soil nutrient characters and remote sensing image of the farmland in the Phaeozem region of Northeast China by GIS and canonical correlation analysis.

Effect of long-term fertilization strategies on bacterial community composition in a 35-year field experiment of Chinese Mollisols

The application of MPK shifted soil bacterial community composition towards a better status, and such shifts were primarily derived from changes in soil pH and OM, indicating alleviation of soil acidification.




This paper deals with the natural ecosystem and the present situation and regulation of the agroecosystem in the black soil region of China from the viewpoint of ecology. Before reclamation, the

Seventeenth-Century Organic Agriculture in China

The quest for sustainable, high-yield agriculture which is not dependent on costly and polluting artificial inputs has occupied a number of ecologists and agricultural development experts over the

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No impasse for China's development.