Soil Enzyme Activities in Pinus tabuliformis ( Carriére ) Plantations in Northern China

  title={Soil Enzyme Activities in Pinus tabuliformis ( Carri{\'e}re ) Plantations in Northern China},
  author={Weiwei Wang and Deborah S Page-Dumroese and Ruiheng Lv and Chen Xiao and Guolei Li and Yong Liu},
Changes in forest stand structure may alter the activity of invertase, urease, catalase and phenol oxidase after thinning Pinus tabuliformis (Carriére) plantations in Yanqing County of Beijing, China. We examined changes in these soil enzymes as influenced by time since thinning (24, 32, and 40 years since thinning) for 3 seasons (spring, summer and autumn) following harvesting at two depths in the mineral soil (0–10 cm and 10–20 cm). Invertase and urease increased significantly with time since… CONTINUE READING