Soil Conditioning Potentials of a New Bio-Activator “Elixir” and Its Effect on Yield Increase of Cooled Plastic House and Pot Crops

  title={Soil Conditioning Potentials of a New Bio-Activator “Elixir” and Its Effect on Yield Increase of Cooled Plastic House and Pot Crops},
  author={Saifeldin M. Elamin and Randa B. M. Ali and Asim F. Abo-Sarra and Suliaman H. Nasser and Um-Kalthom A. Fadlelmola},
Four experiments were conducted in Khartoum State in 2013 and 2014. The main objectives were to study the effect of a new bio-activator and organic fertilizer ‘’Elixir’’ on growth and yield of cucumber, tomatoes, and Abu Sabien as well as testing the soil conditioning ability of the product. The two sites of cucumber and their combined results showed that application of Elixir (1.0 l/tunnel/week) in combination with NPK (1.0 kg 10:50:10 and 1.0 kg 10:10:35/tunnel/week), up to end of the crop… 

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