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Soil Ain ’ t Dirt : The Many Meanings of Soil in the Lives of Iowa Farmers

  title={Soil Ain ’ t Dirt : The Many Meanings of Soil in the Lives of Iowa Farmers},
  author={M. E. Gardner},
The Laimbwe Ih'neem Ritual/Ceremony, Food Crisis, and Sustainability in Cameroon
This article examines rituals and ceremonies associated with food sustainability, sufficiency, and/or insufficiency among the Laimbwe people of Boyo and Menchum Divisions of northwest Cameroon from


The Soil and Civilisation
THE concept that the author sets out to develop is that “the soil is not the dead, inert, and simple thing often referred to as ‘dirt.’ It essentially a factory where raw materials are converted into
Can we feed the world & sustain the planet?
  • J. Foley
  • Business, Medicine
    Scientific American
  • 2011
The author suggests that people should stop the expansion of agriculture into forests and savannas, improve yields on farmlands, use resources such as water and fertilizers more efficiently, eat less meat, and reduce food wastes by creating a networked food system.
Ecology of Soil Erosion in Ecosystems
ABSTRACT Each year, about 75 billion tons of soil are eroded from the world's terrestrial ecosystems. Most agricultural land in the world is losing soil at rates ranging from 13 tons/ha/year to 40
Cultivating an Ecological Conscience. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky
  • 2010
The Biq Question: What Price Soil Health? Food Ethics
  • Tauger, Mark B
  • 2012
The Spirit of the Soil: Agriculture and Environmental Ethics
  • In The Interpretation of Ordinary
  • 1995