Software para la vigilancia tecnológica de patentes : evaluación desde la perspectiva de los usuarios

  title={Software para la vigilancia tecnol{\'o}gica de patentes : evaluaci{\'o}n desde la perspectiva de los usuarios},
  author={Alessandro Comai and Joaqu{\'i}n Tena Mill{\'a}n and Juan Carlos Garz{\'o}n Vergara},
  journal={Profesional De La Informacion},
The article analyses the needs of users, in terms of use, and the importance attributed to the different functions of the applications. Forty seven characteristics have been identified that can be of interest to professionals in the areas of technological monitoring and competitive intelligence. The authors performed an empirical study to verify which functions are used most frequently and which have had greater importance attributed to them. The article concludes with reflections about… 
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Patentabilidad: conceptos y requisitos

Resumen La propiedad industrial es un tema complejo que incluye vasto vocabulario tecnico. Especialmente util para profesionales de la informacion, quienes buscan adquirir mapas conceptuales en este

Development of Technological Vigilance Systems in Spanish Aquaculture Desarrollo de Sistemas de Vigilancia Tecnológica en la Acuicultura Española.

This paper characterize the process of technological monitoring like enterprise answer to the necessary adjustment to turbulent environments and like origin of competitive advantages, and identifies global patterns for the monitoring in the sector and specificities by subsector, activity, geographical area or type of crop.

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Information Sources in Patents

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Patent analysis for competitive technical intelligence and innovative thinking

This simple and powerful tool facilitates the use of patents in academic research, in SMEs and in developing countries providing a way to use patents as a ideas resource thus improving technological innovation.