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Software-in-the-Loop Testing of SSSC with Type-1 Controller Connected to SMIB

  title={Software-in-the-Loop Testing of SSSC with Type-1 Controller Connected to SMIB},
  author={S. Venkateswarlu and M. Janaki},
This paper presents a Software-In-the-Loop (SIL) simulation of the Single Machine Connected to Infinite bus (SMIB) with Static Synchronous Series Capacitor (SSSC).The linearized model of SMIB with SSSC is developed in MATLAB/Simulink using the differential and algebraic equations of the system. The controller for SSSC is modeled in typhoon HIL 402, a Real-Time (RT) emulator. The Real-Time Interface (RTI) of dSPACE is used to implement the Input/output (I/O) capabilities to the Simulink model… Expand


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