Software for continuous game experiments

  title={Software for continuous game experiments},
  author={James Pettit and Daniel Friedman and Curtis J. Kephart and Ryan Oprea},
  journal={Experimental Economics},
ConG is software for conducting economic experiments in continuous and discrete time. It allows experimenters with limited programming experience to create a variety of strategic environments featuring rich visual feedback in continuous time and over continuous action spaces, as well as in discrete time or over discrete action spaces. Simple, easily edited input files give the experimenter considerable flexibility in specifying the strategic environment and visual feedback. Source code is… 
Taking Turns in Continuous Time
This paper studies the impact of continuous time interactions on the dynamics of battle of the sexes games with laboratory experiments. In discrete time battle of the sexes games, players often
The Online Coalition Game: A tool for online interactive coalition formation research
In this paper, we present the Online Coalition Game (OCG): an open-source tool written for the open-access research platform oTree that enables high-powered interactive coalition formation
Conducting real-time multiplayer experiments on the web
This paper combines a set of recent web development technologies, including Node.js with the module, HTML5 canvas, and jQuery, to provide a secure platform for pedagogical demonstrations and scalable, unsupervised experiment administration.
nodeGame: Real-time, synchronous, online experiments in the browser
  • S. Balietti
  • Computer Science
    Behavior research methods
  • 2017
AbstractnodeGame is a free, open-source JavaScript/ HTML5 framework for conducting synchronous experiments online and in the lab directly in the browser window. It is specifically designed to support
LIONESS Lab: a free web-based platform for conducting interactive experiments online
LIONESS Lab provides solutions for the methodological challenges of interactive online experimentation, including ways to reduce waiting time, form groups on the fly, and deal with participant dropout.
NodeGame : Real-Time Social Experiments in the Browser
NodeGame is a software framework for conducting behavioral experiments online and in the lab directly in the browser window. It allows both real time and discrete time experiments, and with
Continuous Dierentiation: Hotelling Revisits the Lab
We investigate experimentally the impact of continuous time on a four-player Hotelling location game. The static pure strategy Nash equilibrium (NE) consists of rms paired-up at the rst and third
OGUMI—A new mobile application to conduct common-pool resource experiments in continuous time
The motivation for the development of OGUMI is presented and the main features of the application are discussed, including its capacity to capture real-time changes in human behaviour in response to a dynamically varying resource.
oTree - An Open-Source Platform for Laboratory, Online, and Field Experiments
oTree is an open-source and online software for implementing interactive experiments in the laboratory, online, the field or combinations thereof, and provides the source code, a library of standard game templates and demo games which can be played by anyone.


Cycles and Instability in a Rock-Paper-Scissors Population Game: a Continuous Time Experiment ∗
We report laboratory experiments that use new, visually oriented software to explore the dynamics of 3x3 games with intransitive best responses. Each moment, each player is matched against the entire
Ten Little Treasures of Game Theory and Ten Intuitive Contradictions
This paper reports laboratory data for a series of two-person games that are played only once. These games span the standard categories: static and dynamic games with complete and incomplete
A Continuous Dilemma âˆ
We study prisoner’s dilemmas played in continuous time with i¬‚ow payoi¬€s over 60 seconds. In most cases, the median rate of mutual cooperation rises to 90% or more. Control sessions with 8-time
z-Tree: Zurich toolbox for ready-made economic experiments
Abstractz-Tree (Zurich Toolbox for Ready-made Economic Experiments) is a software for developing and conducting economic experiments. The software is stable and allows programming almost any kind of
Extensive From Games in Continuous Time: Pure Strategies
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Department o f Economics Berkeley, C a l i f o r n i a Working Paper EXTENSIVE FORM GAMES IN CONTINUOUS TIME: PURE STRATEGIES Leo K. Simon and Maxwell B.
Handbook of Experimental Economics
This book, which comprises eight chapters, presents a comprehensive critical survey of the results and methods of laboratory experiments in economics. The first chapter provides an introduction to
Econport: Creating and Maintaining a Knowledge Commons
The paper presents an example of the blurring of the boundaries and stakeholders in the knowledge commons. The authors describe a digital library that they built as a teaching facility, independently
Half a Century of Public Software Institutions: Open Source as a Solution to Hold-Up Problem
The intrinsic inefficiency of proprietary software has historically created a space for alternative institutions that provide software as a public good by organizing diverse individual incentives, both altruistic and profit-seeking, providing open source products of tremendous commercial importance, which have come to dominate certain segments of the software industry.
A Framework for Analyzing the Knowledge Commons : a chapter from Understanding Knowledge as a Commons: from Theory to Practice.
Knowledge in digital form offers unprecedented access to information through the Internet but at the same time is subject to ever-greater restrictions through intellectual property legislation,