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Software for Systematics and Evolution

  title={Software for Systematics and Evolution},
  author={Daniel and L. and Ayres and Michael and P. and Cummings and G. Baele and Aaron and E. and Darling and Paul and •{\~o} and Lewis and David and SWOFFORD and John and HUELSENBECK and P. Lemey and A. Rambaut and Marc and A. and SUCHARD},
  • Daniel, L., +19 authors SUCHARD
  • Published 2016
—Programs for Bayesian inference of phylogeny currently implement a unique and fixed suite of models. Consequently, users of these software packages are simultaneously forced to use a number of programs for a given study, while also lacking the freedom to explore models that have not been implemented by the developers of those programs. We developed a new open-source software package, RevBayes, to address these problems. RevBayes is entirely based on probabilistic graphical models, a powerful… Expand

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