Software engineering (extended abstract): an unconsummated marriage

  title={Software engineering (extended abstract): an unconsummated marriage},
  author={David Lorge Parnas},
  booktitle={ESEC '97/FSE-5},
  • D. Parnas
  • Published in ESEC '97/FSE-5 1 November 1997
  • Computer Science
Although the first of many conferences on “Software Engineering” was held in Munich nearly three decades ago, communication between those who study the problem of building software and those who teach Engineering or work as Engineers has not been effective. Today, the majority of Engineers understand very little of the “science of programming”. On the other side, the scientists who study programming understand very little about what “Engineer” means, why we have a self-regulating profession… Expand
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  • 2015 IEEE/ACM 4th SEMAT Workshop on a General Theory of Software Engineering
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Most of this is " software science " but it must be taught for engineers, i.e. they must be taught how to design using these ideas
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