Software-defined load-balanced data center: design, implementation and performance analysis

  title={Software-defined load-balanced data center: design, implementation and performance analysis},
  author={Ahmadreza Montazerolghaem},
  journal={Cluster Computing},
Data centers are growing densely and providing various services to millions of users through a collection of limited servers. That’s why large-scale data center servers are threatened by the overload phenomenon. In this paper, we propose a framework for data centers that are based on Software-defined networking (SDN) technology and, taking advantage of this technology, seek to balance the load between servers and prevent overloading on a given server. In addition, this framework provides the… 

Towards an optimal controllers' response time in a software‐defined network‐enabled data center

This paper proposes a matching game algorithm ensuring a dynamic assignment of switches to achieve a fair assignment while balancing the load generated by the data plane among all controllers resulting in a balanced response time.

Edge computing in SDN-IoT networks: a systematic review of issues, challenges and solutions

This systematic literature review (SLR) study focuses on different frameworks and platforms that meet the mentioned requirements by considering the advantages of integrating EC, SDN, and IoT technologies.

Energy-aware routing considering load balancing for SDN: a minimum graph-based Ant Colony Optimization

The results indicate that the proposed routing method considerably minimizes the network energy consumption, especially for congested traffics with mice-type flows and can provide effective link load balancing while satisfying the users’ QoS requirements.

Software-Defined Network (SDN) for Cloud-Based Internet of Things



HOPE: Enabling Efficient Service Orchestration in Software-Defined Data Centers

This study explores "micro-level" power management in SDDC: tuning a specific set of critical loads for the sake of overall system efficiency and performance and proposes HOPE, a new system optimization framework for eliminating the potential efficiency bottleneck caused by the management operations in the SDDC.

Dynamic load balancing in SDN-based data center networks

  • U. ZakiaHanene Ben Yedder
  • Computer Science
    2017 8th IEEE Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (IEMCON)
  • 2017
This paper proposes an SDN-based dynamic load management algorithm for optimizing link utilization in DCNs while considering the flow priority, and results show improved performance in load balancing over time as the algorithm keeps on running.

SDDC: A Software Defined Datacenter Experimental Framework

A novel experimental framework (SDDC) is introduced to provide a novel virtualized testbed environment for SDD systems and lets the users develop and test their own SDD solutions, and at the same time gives the researchers an experimentation tool for benchmarking purposes.

An improved SDN-based fabric for flexible data center networks

A new flexible network fabric for data center networks based on the concept of Software Defined Networks (SDN) is designed and a simple yet efficient route calculation algorithm is proposed for this architecture.

Building intelligence for software defined data centers: modeling usage patterns

A novel algorithm is proposed for use in an intelligent, user-aware SDDC which performs run-time analysis of user storage system activity in a manner that has a minimal impact on performance and provides accurate estimations of future user activity.

A survey on software defined networking with multiple controllers

Design and implementation of SDN-base QoS traffic control method for Electric power data center network

  • Jian DiQ. Ma
  • Computer Science
    2016 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC)
  • 2016
An Openlow based QoS traffic method and QoS-ensure method referring to the new idea of separating controlling layer and data layer provided by SDN, which improved flexibility and reliability for QoS control to achieve effective usage of network resources and fine-grained of flow control is proposed.

$\text{E}^{3}$ MC: Improving Energy Efficiency via Elastic Multi-Controller SDN in Data Center Networks

In E3MC, a mechanism to improve DCN's energy efficiency via the elastic multi-controller SDN is proposed, the energy optimizations for both forwarding and control plane are considered by utilizing SDN's fine-grained routing and dynamic control mapping.

Novel Optimized SDN Routing Scheme in CamCube Server Only Data Center Networks

This work rebuilds the Camcube topology within a Software Defined Networking (SDN) scheme and considers the problem of path calculation within a server only data center topology called “Camcube”.

Fast Failover Mechanism for SDN-Enabled Data Centers

Numerical results show that, for the data channel recovery, the average recovery times for both restoration and protection mechanisms are less than 100ms, and the protection mechanism provides a faster recovery time.