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Software architecture in practice

  title={Software architecture in practice},
  author={Leonard J. Bass and Paul C. Clements and Rick Kazman},
  booktitle={SEI series in software engineering},
From the Book: Our goals for the first edition were threefold. First, we wanted to show through authentic case studies actual examples of software architectures solving real-world problems. Second, we wanted to establish and show the strong connection between an architecture and an organization's business goals. And third, we wanted to explain the importance of software architecture in achieving the quality goals for a system. Our goals for this second edition are the same, but the… 
Design and evolution of software architecture in practice
This architectural prototyping process addresses the difficult issue of identifying and evolving functional components in the architecture and point to an architectural strategy a set of architectures, their context and evolution-that was helpful in this respect.
Retrospection and Perspectives on Pragmatic Software Architecture Design: An Industrial Report
A retrospective report on the extensive architecture design of a large scale mission-critical system conducted in a company, trying to incorporate newly proposed concepts and methods from academic realm and keeping introspective during the whole process.
A two-phase process for software architecture improvement
The paper describes a two-phase process for software architecture improvement, which is the synthesis of two research areas: the architecture visualisation and analysis area of Philips Research, and the transformation engines and renovation factories area of the University of Amsterdam.
Building European software architecture community: how far have we come?
The term “software architecture” started gaining acceptance by the software engineering community in early 1990s and there was also an increasing realization that an architectural description can play an important role in successfully understanding and managing large and complex software systems.
Patterns for documenting software architectures
This paper introduces an approach for recording the results that have been achieved hitherto in the field of documenting software architectures, by formatting them in the shape of patterns, for a wider dissemination of architectural documentation concepts and practices to the community and thus a further advance of the field.
Enterprise Architecture: Problems and Potentials of Archimate
This thesis proves that Archimate should be the enterprise architecture language of choice by recreating an existing architecture description and test whether Archimate supports architectural knowledge management.
Global Analysis: moving from software requirements specification to structural views of the software architecture
Global Analysis is re-examined in light of five years of teaching it, reflecting on it, comparing it to other approaches, and examining how it was applied in four new systems, which confirms the value of the Global Analysis activities and the importance of capturing its results.
The coming-of-age of software architecture research
  • M. Shaw
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Software Engineering. ICSE 2001
  • 2001
This retrospective on a decade-plus of software architectureResearch examines the maturation of the software architecture research area by tracing the types of research questions and techniques used at various stages and how results build up over time.