Software Testing Using Genetic Algorithm

  • Soniya Malik
  • Published 2015


Software testing is a phase of software development life cycle, which is used to discover the errors and to check whether the designed software fulfills the user requirement or not .Better testing leads to better software quality and reliability. There are various types of software testing which can be used to test a software. The main issue with the software testing is completeness. It is to possible to test the software completely as it involves the exhaustive number of test cases to be put under test which in turn increases the total effort and cost of the software. Different techniques and methodologies have been proposed for taking care of these issues. Use of evolutionary algorithms for automatic test generation has been an area of interest. Genetic Algorithm is one such optimization technique. The aim of the research paper is to implement Genetic Algorithm for minimization of test cases and to reduce cost , time and effort in order to deliver the good quality software.

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