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Software Risk Evaluation and Assessment using Hybrid Approach

  title={Software Risk Evaluation and Assessment using Hybrid Approach},
  author={S. Prabha and R. Ujjawal},
complexity and the associated risk increases as the size of the project increases. In this paper we have proposed a technique to evaluate the risk based on the source code as well as on the changes in the requirements of the user. Because it is not possible to test exhaustively each and every path in the code so some of the faults are left which can become the future risks. The risk assessment is based on the code is calculated by considering the conditions, variable and predicates in the code… Expand
A risk assessment model for collaborative support in software management
Risk assessment in software management involved strategies to estimate and control risk ensuring proper function of the software process without system failure. Software management related to riskExpand
Estimation of Risk in Software Re-engineering Projects
Although re-engineering is often used as a means to reduce the risk, reduce costs and maintain the operation of deriving the software, but re-engineering cannot avoid risk. Risk is a probability ofExpand
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The Development and Initial Results of a Component Model for Risk Mitigation in IT Governance
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Simulating the Probability of Risk During Project Completion
This paper is aimed at implementing a simulator in C language which estimates the probability of risk during project completion in order to identify the risk involvement during scheduling. Expand


Software Risk Assessment and Estimation Model
  • D. Gupta, M. Sadiq
  • Computer Science
  • 2008 International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology
  • 2008
This paper has proposed a software risk assessment and estimation model (SRAEM), which gives the incremental risk for every phase and also the total cumulative risk as the software progress from phase to phase. Expand
Source code-based software risk assessing
A static and a dynamic risk model is proposed using metrics collected based on the source code which can be integrated with information collected from other software quality assurance practices to further ensure the safe operation of software applications. Expand
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This paper has used the function point approach in order to develop the architecture of the esrcTool and has used SRAEM i.e. Software Risk Assessment and Estimation Model to estimate the risk in the software. Expand
Software risk assessment model
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The software industry has grown rapidly with the increasing applications of information technology. Just like any development project, there is inherent risk in software development projects. FailureExpand
A model of risk assessment of software project based on grey theory
  • Pan Qinghua
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 4th International Conference on Computer Science & Education
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A model of risk assessment is introduced to the estimation of software project that combines AHP method and entropy method to confirm the risk weight, and uses the combined weight and grey correlation analysis method to calculate the improved grey correlation degree. Expand
Risk Evaluation of Information Technology Projects Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchal Process
F fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP) is exploited as a means of risk evaluation methodology to prioritize and organize risk factors faced in IT projects. Expand
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