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Software Reliability Growth Model

  title={Software Reliability Growth Model},
  author={Gaurav Kumar Aggarwal},
Software Reliability Model is categorized into two, one is static model and the other one is dynamic model. Dynamic models observe the temporary behavior of debugging process during testing phase. In Static Models, modeling and analysis of program logic is done on the same code. A Model which describes about error detection in software Reliability is called Software Reliability Growth Model. This paper reviews various existing software reliability models and there failure intensity function and… 

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A novel approach towards the software reliability growth model is presented, which applies the SRGM within testing phase to measure the reliability quantitatively.

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Characteristics of each software reliability models, methodologies that are used to improve parameter estimation, and models ranking are studied.

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The reliability models (SWRM), software reliability models dimensions (SWRMD), and taxonomy of SRGM are discussed, which reflect infinite and finite failures of complex system.


Build up a reliability model will give a technique to motivation behind testing-exertion functions for software reliability growth model dependent on nonhomogeneous Poisson process (NHPP).

Capturing The Combined Effect Of Testing Time And Testing Coverage Using Two Dimensional Software Reliability Growth Models

This work has used cobb-douglas production function to develop the two dimensional model incorporating the effect of testing time and testing coverage on the number of faults removed in the software system.

An Efficient Method for Enhancing Reliability and Selection of Software Reliability Growth Model through Optimization Techniques

An efficient software reliability growth model (SRGM) model selection for estimating the reliability of the software is proposed and two different optimization approaches are used since one can efficiently find the best model using these algorithms.

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This research paper shows the outcomes of a systematic literature review conducted on software reliability of object oriented design.

A discussion of software reliability growth models with time-varying learning effects

This research considers both linear and exponential-learning effects in an SRGM to enhance the model in Chiu et al. (2008), assumes the learning effects depend on the testing-time, and discusses when and what learning effects would occur in the software development process.

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Abstract Reliability is a major concern in the process of software development because unreliable software can cause failure in the computer system that can be hazardous. A way to enhance the



A Fault Analysis based Model for Software Reliability Estimation

The software reliability is defined as the measure of software quality and there are different available models that estimate the reliability of software based on type of faults, fault density etc.

Handbook of software reliability engineering

  • M. Lyu
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • 1996
Technical foundations introduction software reliability and system reliability the operational profile software reliability modelling survey model evaluation and recalibration techniques practices

Two-dimensional software reliability measurement technologies

  • S. InoueS. Yamada
  • Computer Science
    2009 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
  • 2009
Two-types of two-dimensional software reliability growth modeling approaches for feasible software reliability assessment, and goodness-of-fit comparisons of the authors' models with existing one-dimensionalSoftware reliability growth models are discussed.

Software Reliability Growth modeling with Generalized Exponential testing–effort and optimal SOFTWARE RELEASE policy

The evaluation results are analyzed and compared with other existing models to show that the proposed SRGM with (GED) testing-effort has a fairly and better faults prediction capability and it depicts the real-life situation more fairly.

A New Software Reliability Growth Model: Genetic-Programming-Based Approach

The use of Genetic Programming as an eVolutionary computation approach to handle the software reliability modeling problem and results show that the proposed GP model is superior compared to Yamada S-Shaped, Generalized Poisson, NHPP and Schneidewind reliability models.

Analysis and Ranking of Software Reliability Models Based on Weighted Criteria Value

Case study results show that the weighted criteria value method offers a very promising technique in software reliability growth models comparison, and is relatively simple and requires less calculation.

Software reliability prediction using neural network

The applicability of the models based on NN for better reliability prediction in a real environment is described and a method of assessment of growth of software reliability using NN model is presented.

Software Reliability Prediction Using Artificial Techniques

The proposed model combine the software reliability models with the neural networks (NN) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm has been chosen and applied for learning process to select the best architecture of the neural network.

A Comparison of Parameter Best Estimation Method for Software Reliability Models

An Estimation method based on Ant Colony Algorithm in which parameters are estimated is discussed in this paper, and the accuracy of the results using proposed method when compared with PSO algorithm has higher accuracy.