Software Reliability Evaluation: A Survey Based


Software reliability is one of the important factor in software quality evaluation. A lot of research is being going to evaluate a good software for reliability estimation. This paper is a survey which can be used to design a reliability system based on soft technique. Software quality can be evaluated as developer, user and project manager perspective [1].Software reliability can be quantified and evaluated as user perspective. According to ISO 9126 there are a number of factors affects the reliability. This paper is based on the study of those factors and describes how those factors can be quantified. A survey is conducted to collect the data for quantifying the factors. This paper reflects a different approach for evaluating the reliability of any software. The survey is conducted over a very simple software ie VLC media player. This software is used for the multi-media application and widely been used by many user on a daily basis. Feroza Haque Computer Science Amity University (,India,+91-9711823007 Sanjeev Bansal Computer Science Amity University (,India,+91-9810070464 Generally it is used for playing the audio and video. The survey can also be extended to calculate the defect density of the software also.

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