Software Quality Assurance for Maintenance

  title={Software Quality Assurance for Maintenance},
  author={James S. Collofello and Jeffrey J. Buck},
  journal={IEEE Software},
Maintenance plays a vital role in protecting quality as a system evolves. The results of this study pinpoit this study pinpoint how to make maintenance a part of SQA. 
An application of causal analysis to the software modification process
The development of high quality large‐scale software systems within schedule and budget constraints is a formidable software engineering challenge. The modification of these systems to incorporate
COMFORM-a software maintenance method based on the software configuration management discipline
  • M. Capretz
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings Conference on Software Maintenance 1992
  • 1992
COMFORM (configuration management formalisation for maintenance), a method which provides guidelines and procedures for carrying out a variety of activities performed during the maintenance process,
Technological Complexes for Application Program Development
The mass production of PCs imposes some requirements, such as: the reduction of production costs and software maintenance; an essential enhancement of the software quality.
Software change information for maintenance management
  • S. Cooper, M. Munro
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings. Conference on Software Maintenance - 1989
  • 1989
SCIMM (software change information for maintenance management) stores information about requests for changes and changes made to software systems, with a view to easy access and retrieval of data and the provision of analysis to aid managers in prediction and planning.
A measurement framework for improving verification processes
This investigation is based on theami approach which was developed during the ESPRIT II project 5494ami (Application of Metrics in Industry), and the case study is described following the fourami activities.
FOR THE COMMANDER ( signature on file )
The first Software Engineering Institute Product Line Practice Workshop was a hands-on meeting held in December 1996 to share industry and government practices in software product lines and to
Teaching practical software maintenance skills in a software engineering course
This paper describes some current practical software maintenance approaches which can be taught as a part of a software engineering course.
Inverse software configuration management
A number of concepts may be considered to considerably advance the knowledge and understanding of die comprehension process during the maintenance of legacy software systems and a number of areas for further study have been identified.
Improving Software Maintenance Skills in an Industrial Environment
This paper describes a two-fold approach to improving software maintenance skills which entails a practical “hands-on” training course coupled with performance management focusing on positive reinforcement for new skills.
SEI Report on Graduate Software Engineering Education
A report on the SEI's 1988 Curriculum Design Workshop is provided, along with descriptions of the six core courses for a Master of Software Engineering degree program that were designed at that


The economics of software quality assurance
An analysis of the software life-cycle is performed to determine where in the cycle the application of quality assurance techniques would be most beneficial, and a variety of approaches in increasing software quality are reviewed.
Ripple effect analysis of software maintenance
In this paper the ripple effect which results as a consequence of program modification will be analyzed and a technique is developed to analyze this ripple effect from both functional and performance perspectives.
The dimensions of maintenance
Some measures are suggested for coming to grips with the “dimensionality” of the maintenance problem, and problems of utilization associated with these measures are explored.
Software Maintenance: An Error-Prone Activity
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Software and Its Impact: A Quantitative Assessment
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Collofello is an associate professor of computer science at Arizona State University
  • Collofello is an associate professor of computer science at Arizona State University
A Proposed Set of Software Maintenance Reviews, master's thesis
  • A Proposed Set of Software Maintenance Reviews, master's thesis
  • 1986