Software Project Management in Very Small Entities with ISO/IEC 29110

  title={Software Project Management in Very Small Entities with ISO/IEC 29110},
  author={Rory V. O'Connor and Claude Y. Laporte},
The recently published ISO/IEC 29110 standard Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities has at its core a Management and Engineering Guide [1] which are targeted at very small entities (enterprises, organizations, departments or projects) having up to 25 people [2], to assist them unlock the potential benefits of using standards which are specifically designed to address their needs. This paper discusses the role and structure of Project Management in the emerging ISO/IEC 29110 standard… 
Early Stage Adoption of ISO/IEC 29110 Software Project Management Practices: A Case Study
A case study of an early adopter of ISO/IEC 29110 project management practices and their experiences with implementing these in an industrial context is described.
The ISO/IEC 29110 Software Lifecycle Standard for Very Small Companies
  • Rory V. O'Connor
  • Computer Science
    Encyclopedia of Organizational Knowledge, Administration, and Technology
  • 2021
The purpose of this chapter is to provide a primer on the ISO/IEC 29110 standard focusing on two main process areas of Project Management and Software Implementation.
Deploying a software process lifecycle standard in very small companies
This article will start with an explanation of the rationale and justification for the development of this new standard, followed by an overview of its structure and explain how to deploy ISO/IEC 29110 in a typical very small software company.
Software engineering standards and guides for Very Small Entities implementation in two start-ups
The results of early trials of this set of international standards and guides known as ISO/IEC 29110 are presented in two IT start-ups VSEs.
The Implementation of ISO/IEC 29110 Software Engineering Standards and Guides in Very Small Entities
The details of seven case studies involving the pilot usage of the new standard ISO/IEC 29110 standard ‘Lifecycle Profiles for Very Small Entities’ are outlined to add substantially to the body of knowledge and the literature on the rollout and implementation of this new and evolving standard.
A project management improvement program according to ISO/IEC 29110 and PMBOK®
The main results of this initiative have been the definition of a standardized set of processes and procedures and the development of a Process Asset Library to support project management good practices within the participant organizations.
Software Development Process Standards for Very Small Companies
In recent times quality orientated process approaches and standards have matured and gained acceptance in many software development organizations. Standards emphasize communication and shared
Implementing Process Improvement in Very Small Enterprises with ISO/IEC 29110: A Multiple Case Study Analysis
Nine case studies involving the pilot usage of the new ISO/IEC 29110 Lifecycle Profiles for Very Small Entities standards and guides are outlined to disseminate the early success stories from pilot trials of this new and emerging standard.
An Innovative Approach to the Development of an International Software Process Lifecycle Standard for Very Small Entities
A unique insight from the perspective of some of the standards authors on the development of the ISO/IEC 29110 standard is presented, including the rationale behind its development and the innovative design of implementation guides to assist very small companies in adopting the standards, as well outlining a pilot project scheme for usage in early trials of this standard.
An Integrated Environment to Support Project Management in VSEs
An integrated environment for project management that brings together a set of tools supporting some of the PMBOK® Guide good practices is presented, composed of both transversal tools and specific applications for managing project scope, time and communications.


Software Engineering Support Activities for Very Small Entities
Based on the experiences with using ISO/IEC 29110 and based on the lessons learned from the pilot project, a potential deficiency is identified and a new process area, “Infrastructure and Support” is proposed for include in the future evolution ofISO/Iec 29110 Process Profiles.
Using ISO/IEC 29110 to Harness Process Improvement in Very Small Entities
This paper will outline this new standard and the implementation of a series of pilot project initiative harnessing a set of detailed guidelines known as “Deployment Packages” to assist very small entities in understanding the potential usage of this new software process standard.
Deploying Lifecycle Profiles for Very Small Entities: An Early Stage Industry View
Issues of small entities needs, industry reaction to early pilot projects and the needs for a light weight process assessment mechanism to meet the needs of very small entities and complement this new lifecycle standard are addressed.
A Software Engineering Lifecycle Standard for Very Small Enterprises
An ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 Working Group has been established to address the difficulties of very small development organizations by producing a software engineering standard tailored to VSE.
Towards the provision of assistance for very small entities in deploying software lifecycle standards
A pilot project initiative is outlined currently underway to evaluate a series of detailed guidelines intended to provide detailed guidelines and explanation presenting in more detail the processes defined in the ISO/IEC 29110 profiles.
10.3.1 The Development of Systems Engineering International Standards and Support Tools for Very Small Enterprises
An ISO working group has been mandated to develop the ISO standard for very small organizations developing systems, targeted at VSEs which do not have experience or expertise in tailoring ISO/IEC 15288.
Evaluating Management Sentiment towards ISO/IEC 29110 in Very Small Software Development Companies
This paper presents the results of a set of interviews with senior management in a series of very small software development companies, which were conducted to gauge their opinion, attitude and
The Meaning of Success for Software SMEs: An Holistic Scorecard Based Approach
This paper proposes a new approach that utilises the Holistic Scorecard (HSC) to systematically examine business success in software development companies and relates the experience of applying this new approach to software small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
Ignoring "Best Practice": Why Irish Software SMEs are Rejecting CMMI and ISO 9000
The results of a Grounded Theory study into why Irish SME software product companies are not using SPI models are presented, with the key inhibiting factor found was the issue of cost.
Software Project Management Practices: Failure Versus Success ©
Analysis of about 250 large software projects at or above 10,000 function points in size that were examined by the author’s company between 1995 and 2004 shows that large system development is a very hazardous undertaking.