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Software Product Line Differences

  title={Software Product Line Differences},
  author={John D. McGregor},
Major organizations such as Cummins, Philips HealthCare, Hewlett Packard, and others have successfully applied these techniques. The software product line strategy is a blend of business and technical actions that lets an organization satisfy a wide range of customers, gain leverage with suppliers, meet the threats of substitute products, and deter other companies seeking to enter the market. The strategy is robust over a wide range of technologies, domains, and organizations of different… 



Experiences with software product line engineering in product development oriented organization

The method for software product line engineering in such product development oriented organization is described, in this method, a champion team is organized from champion members belonging to each product development teams, which is in charge of decision making on core asset issues.

Software Product Lines Beyond Software Development

  • S. DeckerJ. Dager
  • Business, Computer Science
    11th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC 2007)
  • 2007
The impact of software product lines to software development and maintenance costs has been well documented, but impacts in areas like customer engineering, technician efficiency, calibration development, service engineering, management, and customer satisfaction are often harder to quantify, but these areas reap positive benefits from the product line architecture.

SEI's Software Product Line Tenets

The concepts, activities, and practices described here can lead to successful product line development.

Experiences With Software Product Line Development

The approach taken in Overwatch Systems' software product line approach, the product line architecture that is a key to the Overwatch Intelligence Center (OIC) SPL, and the lessons learned during the transition are described.

A practical high volume software product line

An introduction to the key theoretical concepts required to understand a layered system that focuses on the reuse of declarative executable specifications rather than the reused of imperative code, allowing the system to blend speed of development with flexibility of the generated solutions.

Eliminating the adoption barrier

S tories of successful software product line deployments often read like epic adventures. In the end, there is triumph of inspirational proportions, but along the journey there is risk, hardship,

The Economic Impact of Product Line Adoption and Evolution

How to optimize a product line's economic benefits by considering the adoption context and using product line scoping techniques is discussed.

Software product lines - practices and patterns

The Three Essential Activities: Core Asset Development, Software Engineering Practice Areas, and Single-System Development with Reuse - All Three Together.

Being proactive pays off

The key to this enterprise-level strategic positioning is understanding the scope of the product line. A product line's scope states what systems an organization would be willing to build as part of

Developing Mobile Browsers in a Product Line

  • Ari Jaaksi
  • Business, Computer Science
    IEEE Softw.
  • 2002
The paper considers how the mobile phone company initiated and used a product line to develop and deliver mobile browser products.