Software Process Modelling in EPOS

  title={Software Process Modelling in EPOS},
  author={Reidar Conradi and Anund Lie and Espen Osjord and Per H. Westby and Vincenzo Ambriola and Maria Letizia Jaccheri and Chunnian Liu},
EPOS 1 is an instrumentable, kernel Software Engineering Environment (SEE). It consists of facilities for management of versioned p r o d u c t s (configurations) through file-based workspaces attached to a versioned DBMS. EPOS will also manage the associated software development processes (tasks), being the subject of this paper. The E P O S O O E l l semantic data model can describe deriver tools, human actors, tasks and subtasks, projects, and triggers/notifiers; as well as normal software… CONTINUE READING


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