Software-Defined Networks for Future Networks and Services

  title={Software-Defined Networks for Future Networks and Services},
  author={Cagatay Buyukkoc and Sławomir Kukliński and Andreas Gladisch and Masaki Fukui and Wenyu Shen and E. Dekel and Mehmet Ulema and Walter Cerroni and Franco Callegati and Alex Galis and Julius M{\"u}ller},
In 2013, the IEEE Future Directions Committee (FDC) formed an SDN work group to explore the amount of interest in forming an IEEE Software-Defined Network (SDN) Community. To this end, a Workshop on “SDN for Future Networks and Services” (SDN4FNS’13) was organized in Trento, Italy (Nov. 11-13 2013). Following the results of the workshop, in this paper, we have further analyzed scenarios, prior-art, state of standardization, and further discussed the main technical challenges and socio-economic… CONTINUE READING
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