Software Bots

  title={Software Bots},
  author={Carlene Lebeuf and Margaret-Anne D. Storey and Alexey Zagalsky},
  journal={IEEE Software},
Although the development and widespread adoption of software bots has occurred in just a few years, bots have taken on many diverse tasks and roles. This article discusses current bot technology and presents a practical case study on how to use bots in software engineering. 

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The Power of Bots
Although integrators reported that bots are useful for maintenance tasks, there was not a consistent, statistically significant difference between before and after bot adoption across the analyzed projects in terms of number of comments, commits, changed files, and time to close pull requests.
Defining and Classifying Software Bots: A Faceted Taxonomy
A taxonomy of software Bots is presented, which focuses on the observable properties and behaviours of software bots, as well as the environments where bots are deployed and designed.
Effects of Adopting Code Review Bots on Pull Requests to OSS Projects
This work investigates how several activity indicators change after the adoption of a code review bot and employs a regression discontinuity design to understand, or even predict, bot effects on their projects’ social interactions.
The Inconvenient Side of Software Bots on Pull Requests
This paper proposes the concept of a meta-bot to deal with current problems on the human-bot interaction on pull requests, and will reduce interruptions and help maintainers and contributors stay aware of important information.
Enhancing developers’ support on pull requests activities with software bots
  • M. Wessel
  • Computer Science
  • 2020
This research goal is to identify problems caused by bots that interact in pull requests, and help bot designers enhance existing bots, and contribute more broadly to the design and use of software bots to enhance developers' collaboration and interaction.
Don't Disturb Me: Challenges of Interacting with Software Bots on Open Source Software Projects
The main contribution is a theory of how human developers perceive annoying bot behaviors as noise on social coding platforms to help practitioners understand the effects of adopting a bot and researchers and tool designers may leverage the results to better support human-bot interaction on social code platforms.
Choosing a Chatbot Development Tool
The most representative chatbot development tools with a focus on technical and managerial aspects are reviewed, acting as virtual assistants within social networks or web applications.
Repairnator patches programs automatically
Repairnator has been able to produce patches that were accepted by the human developers and permanently merged into the code base, a milestone for human-competitiveness in software engineering research on automatic program repair.
Dependency management bots in open-source systems—prevalence and adoption
An empirical study composed of both quantitative and qualitative analysis of bot activity reveals factors driving the discussions about Devbot adoption or removal, such as the impact of the generated noise and the needed adaptation in development practices within the project.
Bots Don’t Mind Waiting, Do They? Comparing the Interaction With Automatically and Manually Created Pull Requests
It takes significantly longer for a bot pull request to be interacted with and for it to be merged, even though they contain fewer changes on average than human pull requests, suggesting that bots have yet to realize their full potential.


Disrupting developer productivity one bot at a time
The modern Bot landscape is outlined and a preliminary cognitive support framework is proposed that can be used to understand these roles and to reflect on the impact of Bots in software development on productivity.
Computing Machinery and Intelligence
  • A. Turing
  • Philosophy
    The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
  • 1990
If the meaning of the words “machine” and “think” are to be found by examining how they are commonly used it is difficult to escape the conclusion that the meaning and the answer to the question, “Can machines think?” is to be sought in a statistical survey such as a Gallup poll.
Computing Machinery and Intelligence Can Facebook Messenger Kill Off Apps ?
  • The Telegraph , 15 Nov .
  • 2015