Software Agents for Ambient Intelligence based Manufacturing

  title={Software Agents for Ambient Intelligence based Manufacturing},
  author={M.{\'A}. Mart{\'i}n P{\'e}rez and Loreto Susperregi and I{\~n}aki Maurtua and Aitor Ibarguren and Bianca Sierra},
  journal={IEEE Workshop on Distributed Intelligent Systems: Collective Intelligence and Its Applications (DIS'06)},
There are several references to projects linked to the AmI concept in technical publications. These are mostly centered on applications linked to everyday situations concerning individuals: at home, in the street, in the car, in public places and relating to leisure. The AMILAB research group at TEKNIKER is analyzing the technological, human and social needs and implications for AmI in the manufacturing field. For this aim we have set up a laboratory to spread the model of AmI to the area of… CONTINUE READING

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