Soft skill appraisal for dentistry: a tool for positive practice management.

  title={Soft skill appraisal for dentistry: a tool for positive practice management.},
  author={Bhushan Arun Jawale and Vikas D Bendgude and Nadeem M. Husain and Nilima Thosar and Piyush Tandon},
  journal={The journal of contemporary dental practice},
  volume={12 6},
UNLABELLED Soft skills adoption is a learning experience for every practitioner and every academician. Author has expressed his opinion for success through educational and real values of soft skill. Soft skills behavior of individual and institution help in achieving desirable goals in general and specialty practices. Author also focused on some realistic soft skill methods for improvisation of practices for all doctor. CONCLUSION These skills indulge positive energy in human relationship for… Expand
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