Soft-mode spectroscopy of BaTiO3 thin films

  title={Soft-mode spectroscopy of BaTiO3 thin films},
  author={Tetyana Ostapchuk and Jaroslav Pokorn{\'y} and Alexej Pashkin and Jan Petzelt and V. Železn{\'y} and David Rafaja and Ivo Drbohlav},
Abstract We present a detailed study of one highly ordered and two polycrystalline BaTiO 3 films of different thicknesses by far infrared and micro-Raman spectroscopy in the 10–550 K temperature range. The lowest-frequency phonon mode exhibits rather week and smeared softening in comparison with its single crystal behaviour in all three films. A simultaneous presence of three soft-mode components, continuously changing with the temperature, is assigned to a gradual symmetry transformation… CONTINUE READING