Soft fluctuating surfactant membranes in supercritical CO2-microemulsions.


The bending rigidity of surfactant membranes in novel bicontinuous CO(2)-microemulsions of the type H(2)O/NaCl-scCO(2)-Zonyl FSH/Zonyl FSN 100 was determined using both high pressure small angle neutron scattering and neutron-spin echo spectroscopy. As an important result it was found, that the stiffness of the membrane increases solely by an increase of the pressure.

DOI: 10.1039/c0cp01199a

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@article{Holderer2011SoftFS, title={Soft fluctuating surfactant membranes in supercritical CO2-microemulsions.}, author={Olaf Holderer and Michael Klostermann and Michael Monkenbusch and Ralf Schweins and P. Lindner and Reinhard Strey and Dieter Richter and Thomas Sottmann}, journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP}, year={2011}, volume={13 8}, pages={3022-5} }