Soft-bubble grippers for robust and perceptive manipulation

  title={Soft-bubble grippers for robust and perceptive manipulation},
  author={Naveen Suresh Kuppuswamy and Alexander Alspach and Avinash Uttamchandani and Sam Creasey and Takuya Ikeda and Russ Tedrake},
  journal={2020 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)},
Manipulation in cluttered environments like homes requires stable grasps, precise placement and robustness against external contact. Towards addressing these challenges, we present the Soft-bubble gripper system that combines highly compliant gripping surfaces with dense-geometry visuotactile sensing and facilitates multiple kinds of tactile perception. We first present several mechanical design advances on the Soft-bubble sensors including a fabrication technique to deposit custom patterns to… 

Variable compliance and geometry regulation of Soft-Bubble grippers with active pressure control

A system for actively controlling the geometry (inflation level) and compliance of Soft-bubble grippers - air filled, highly compliant parallel gripper fingers incorporating visuotactile sensing and the continued viability of advanced perception capabilities such as dense geometry and shear force measurement is presented.

Visual Pressure Estimation and Control for Soft Robotic Grippers

—Soft robotic grippers facilitate contact-rich ma- nipulation, including robust grasping of varied objects. Yet the beneficial compliance of a soft gripper also results in significant deformation that

Punyo-1: Soft tactile-sensing upper-body robot for large object manipulation and physical human interaction

The design of a soft, tactile-sensing humanoid upper-body robot is presented and whole-body rich-contact manipulation strategies for handling large objects are demonstrated, demonstrating the importance of exploiting softness and tactile sensing in contact-rich manipulation strategies, as well as a path forward for whole- body force-controlled interactions with the world.

Cable manipulation with a tactile-reactive gripper

A perception and control framework that moves in that direction, and uses real-time tactile feedback to accomplish the task of following a dangling cable, is presented, believed to be the first implementation of real- time cable following without the aid of mechanical fixtures.

Finger-STS: Combined Proximity and Tactile Sensing for Robotic Manipulation

Finger-STS is presented, a robotic finger embodiment of the See-Through-your-Skin (STS) sensor that can capture an “in the hand” visual perspective of an object that is being manipulated and a high resolution tactile imprint of the contact geometry.

StRETcH: a Soft to Resistive Elastic Tactile Hand

This work presents a variable stiffness soft tactile end-effector called StRETcH, a Soft to Resistive Elastic Tactile Hand that is easily manufactured and integrated with a robotic arm to reconstruct the contact geometry of rigid and deformable objects, estimate the stiffness of four balloons filled with different substances.

Comparing Piezoresistive Substrates for Tactile Sensing in Dexterous Hands

This work uses a high density foam substrate to develop a scalable tactile skin that can be attached to the palm of a robotic hand and demonstrates its ability to reliably detect and localize contact, as well as analyze contact patterns during grasping and transport tasks.

Monocular Depth Estimation for Soft Visuotactile Sensors

This work proposes a simple supervised learning process to train an object-agnostic network requiring less than 10 random poses in contact for less than10 seconds for a small set of diverse objects, and shows that the approach is sample-efficient, accurate, and generalizes across different objects and sensor configurations unseen at training time.

An Integrated Design Pipeline for Tactile Sensing Robotic Manipulators

An integrated design pipeline to streamline the design and manufacturing of robotic manipulators with knitted, glove-like tactile sensors and allows a designer to assemble a collection of modular, open-source components by applying predefined graph grammar rules.

Texture Identification and Object Recognition Using a Soft Robotic Hand Innervated Bio-Inspired Proprioception

In this study, we innervated bio-inspired proprioception into a soft hand, facilitating a robust perception of textures and object shapes. The tendon-driven soft finger with three joints, inspired by



Soft-bubble: A highly compliant dense geometry tactile sensor for robot manipulation

A lightweight, easy-to-build, highly compliant dense geometry sensor and end effector that comprises an inflated latex membrane with a depth sensor behind it and its capabilities through example tasks including tactile-object classification, pose estimation and tracking, and nonprehensile object manipulation is presented.

Design of a Fully Actuated Robotic Hand With Multiple Gelsight Tactile Sensors

The design of a novel two finger robot gripper with multiple Gelsight based optical-tactile sensors covering the inner surface of the hand and other sensing modalities enable the hand to gather the thermal, acoustic and vibration information from the object being grasped.

Localization and manipulation of small parts using GelSight tactile sensing

This work proposes a new approach that uses tactile sensing to accurately localize the pose of a part grasped in the robot hand, using a feature-based matching technique in conjunction with a newly developed tactile sensing technology known as GelSight that has much higher resolution than competing methods.

GelSlim: A High-Resolution, Compact, Robust, and Calibrated Tactile-sensing Finger

This work describes the development of a high-resolution tactile-sensing finger for robot grasping that features an integration that is slimmer, more robust, and with more homogeneous output than previous vision-based tactile sensors.

GelSight: High-Resolution Robot Tactile Sensors for Estimating Geometry and Force

This paper reviews the development of GelSight, with the emphasis in the sensing principle and sensor design, and introduces the design of the sensor’s optical system, the algorithm for shape, force and slip measurement, and the hardware designs and fabrication of different sensor versions.

Measurement of shear and slip with a GelSight tactile sensor

A method of sensing the normal, shear and torsional load on the contact surface with a GelSight tactile sensor and demonstrating the detection of incipient slip is introduced.

Effective Estimation of Contact Force and Torque for Vision-Based Tactile Sensors With Helmholtz–Hodge Decomposition

The proposed algorithm is further integrated into a contact force visualization module as well as a closed-loop adaptive grasp force control framework and is shown to be useful in both visualization of contact stability and minimum force grasping task.

Soft Manipulators and Grippers: A Review

The achievements and shortcomings of recent technology in these key areas are evaluated, and this paper concludes with a discussion on the potential impacts of soft manipulators on industry and society.

Fast Model-Based Contact Patch and Pose Estimation for Highly Deformable Dense-Geometry Tactile Sensors

This work presents a model for the behavior of a highly deformable dense geometry sensor in its interaction with objects; the forward model predicts the elastic deformation of a mesh given the pose and geometry of a contacting rigid object.

Recent progress on tactile object recognition

This article divides the current studies on the tactile object recognition into three subcategories and detailed analysis has been put forward on them, and discusses some advanced topics such as visual–tactile fusion, exploratory procedure, and data sets.