Soft Tissue Tumors in Adults: ESSR-Approved Guidelines for Diagnostic Imaging.

  title={Soft Tissue Tumors in Adults: ESSR-Approved Guidelines for Diagnostic Imaging.},
  author={Iris-Melanie Noebauer-Huhmann and M. A. Weber and Radhesh Krishna Lalam and Siegfried Trattnig and K. Bohndorf and F. M. H. M. Vanhoenacker and Alberto Stefano Tagliafico and Carla S. P. van Rijswijk and Joan Carles Vilanova and P Diana Afonso and Martin J. Breitenseher and Ian Beggs and Philip J. Robinson and Milko C de Jonge and Christian Robert Krestan and Johan L. Bloem},
  journal={Seminars in musculoskeletal radiology},
  volume={19 5},
Iris M. Noebauer-Huhmann, MD6 Marc-André Weber, MSc1 Radhesh K. Lalam, MD3 Siegfried Trattnig, MD6 Klaus Bohndorf, MD6 Filip Vanhoenacker, MD, PhD5 Alberto Tagliafico, MD2 Carla van Rijswijk, MD, PhD11 Joan C. Vilanova, MD, PhD4 P. Diana Afonso, MD13,14 Martin Breitenseher, MD15 Ian Beggs, FRCP, FRCR12 Philip Robinson, MB ChB (Honours),MRCP, FRCR9,10 Milko C. de Jonge, MD, BSc7,8 Christian Krestan, MD6 Johan L. Bloem, MD, PhD11 


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