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Soft Start of Single Phase Induction Motor Using Igbt

  title={Soft Start of Single Phase Induction Motor Using Igbt},
  author={P. G. Shewane and Pratik S. Sawarkar and Shubham Bawane and Rajshree Tambekar},
  journal={International Journal of Research},
In the given paper we are discussing about soft start of single phase induction motor by using IGBT (Insulated Gate bipolar Transistor) technique. Main aim of this research paper is to minimize the starting inrush current that occurs in starting stage of induction motor. At the starting inrush current is 5-7times that of rated current. This can cause damage to the motor and can burst winding. In order to reduce the inrush current we have simulated the soft starting circuit using MATLAB, hence… Expand

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