Soft-Legged Wheel-Based Robot with Terrestrial Locomotion Abilities

  title={Soft-Legged Wheel-Based Robot with Terrestrial Locomotion Abilities},
  author={Ali Sadeghi and Alessio Mondini and Emanuela Del Dottore and Anand Kumar Mishra and Barbara Mazzolai},
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In recent years robotics has been influenced by a new approach, soft-robotics, bringing the idea that safe interaction with user and more adaptation to the environment can be achieved by exploiting easily deformable materials and flexible components in the structure of robots. In 2016, the soft-robotics community has promoted a new robotics challenge, named RoboSoft Grand Challenge, with the aim of bringing together different opinions on the usefulness and applicability of softness and… Expand
SoRX: A Soft Pneumatic Hexapedal Robot to Traverse Rough, Steep, and Unstable Terrain
A new 2-degree-of-freedom soft pneumatic actuator is developed that can generate cyclic foot trajectories that are appropriate for legged locomotion and a novel soft robotic hexapedal robot called SoRX that leverages the new actuators is developed. Expand
Advancements in Origami Inspired Robots, a Review
A comparative assessment is done between conventional robots and origami robots based on their design features, which reveal a new class of micro-robots that will influence the humans in mitigation, environmental monitoring and Interplanetary exploration. Expand
Vibration-Based Locomotion of an Amphibious Robot
In this research, an innovative robot is presented that can move both on land and water thanks to a vibration-based locomotion mechanism. The robot consists of a U-shaped beam made of spring steel,Expand
Control and Functionality of Octopus Arms and Suckers
  • H. Bagheri, S. Berman, +5 authors H. Marvi
  • Computer Science
  • Bioinspired Sensing, Actuation, and Control in Underwater Soft Robotic Systems
  • 2020
This review highlights the key structure–function relationships of octopus arms and suckers, and how they have inspired the field of soft robotics. Expand


A transformable wheel robot with a passive leg
  • Y. She, Cart Hurd, H. Su
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
  • 2015
A novel wheeled robot that transforms from a circled configuration to a spoke-like legged configuration, which is able to overcome obstacles and navigate these dynamics surfaces, yet can still move quickly over flat ground. Expand
Deformable soft wheel robot using hybrid actuation
This work proposes a deformable wheeled robot that can change the shape of the wheel depending on the obstacles and improves the mobility the wheeling robot. Expand
Wheel Transformer: A Wheel-Leg Hybrid Robot With Passive Transformable Wheels
We report on the design, optimization, and performance evaluation of a new wheel-leg hybrid robot. This robot utilizes a novel transformable wheel that combines the advantages of both circular andExpand
Precise dynamic turning of a 10 cm legged robot on a low friction surface using a tail
A palm-sized legged robot, called TAYLRoACH, was developed, which was able to make rapid, precise turns using only the actuation of a tail appendage, and achieved an accuracy of ± 5° for a 60° turn. Expand
Deformable wheel robot based on origami structure
The design of a deformable wheel based on an origami structure that was integrated with a small-scale mobile robot that can be used to build mobile robots that can move quickly with large wheels and move through small gaps when required. Expand
Experimental verification of the walking and turning gaits for a two-actuated spoke wheel robot
  • D. Hong, J. Jeans, Ping Ren
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2009 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
  • 2009
This video presents the experiments and findings of a variety of straight-line walking, transitions, and turning gaits of IMPASS, a novel wheel-leg hybrid robot that can walk in unstructured environments by stretching in or out three independently actuated spokes of each wheel. Expand
Locomotion with continuum limbs
Experimental results provide evidence that locomotion with soft continuum limbs are feasible and usable in unstructured environments for variety of applications. Expand
Soft robotics: a bioinspired evolution in robotics.
Emerging soft-bodied robotic systems are reviewed to endow robots with new, bioinspired capabilities that permit adaptive, flexible interactions with unpredictable environments and to reduce the mechanical and algorithmic complexity involved in robot design. Expand
Development of quadruped walking robot with the mission of mine detection and removal-proposal of shape-feedback master-slave arm
  • S. Hirose, Keisuke Kato
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Proceedings. 1998 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (Cat. No.98CH36146)
  • 1998
The shape-feedback master-slave arm is developed as a kind of basic technology which can estimate the force from this shape of the slave arm when a contact force is applied to the master arm. Expand
Soft Robotics: A Perspective—Current Trends and Prospects for the Future
Abstract Soft robots are primarily composed of easily deformable matter such as fluids, gels, and elastomers that match the elastic and rheological properties of biological tissue and organs. Like anExpand