Sodium Valproate versus Propranolol in paediatric migraine prophylaxis.

  title={Sodium Valproate versus Propranolol in paediatric migraine prophylaxis.},
  author={Mahmoud Reza Ashrafi and Reza Shabanian and Gholam Zamani and F Mahfelati},
  journal={European journal of paediatric neurology : EJPN : official journal of the European Paediatric Neurology Society},
  volume={9 5},
In a randomized clinical trial the effect of Sodium Valproate in pediatric migraine prophylaxis was compared with that of Propranolol. One hundred and twenty patients with common migraine (migraine without aura) aged from 3 to 15 years who met the defined criteria enrolled into the study. Randomly the patients were divided in two groups of A and B, treating with sodium Valproate and Propranolol, respectively. Three phases of baseline period (phase I), titration and adjustment period (phases II… CONTINUE READING

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