Sociology Before Comte: A Summary of Doctrines and an Introduction to the Literature

  title={Sociology Before Comte: A Summary of Doctrines and an Introduction to the Literature},
  author={H. Barnes},
  journal={American Journal of Sociology},
  pages={174 - 247}
  • H. Barnes
  • Sociology
  • American Journal of Sociology
The social philosophy of ancient, mediaeval, and early modern writers must be gleaned from the larger mass of philosophical, theological, economic, political, and legal doctrines, for, as might be expected, in no period or writer is there to be found any strict differentiation between the social philosophy, on the one hand, and the religious, moral, economic, or political theories, on the other hand. Nor is there found in many cases a serious attempt o build up a definite or well-balanced… Expand


I799-I875) in Germany; von Haller (1768-I854) in Switzerland; and Bentham (1748-I832) and Austin (1790-I859) in England were the chief figures
  • economics, the impetus given by the Physiocrats and Adam Smith was carried on by Sismondi (1773-I842)
The socialistic and social reform tendencies of early nineteenthcentury thought were best reflected in the works of Robert Owen (177I-I858) in England
  • Saint-Simon (1760-I825), Cabet (1788-i856), Fourier (1772-I837), Louis Blanc
by students of geography, such as Ratzel