Sociological study of a wild group of hybrid baboons betweenPapio anubis andP. hamadryas in the Awash Valley, Ethiopia

  title={Sociological study of a wild group of hybrid baboons betweenPapio anubis andP. hamadryas in the Awash Valley, Ethiopia},
  author={Kazuyoshi Sugawara},
  • Kazuyoshi Sugawara
  • Published 2006
  • Sociology
  • Primates
  • A group of hybrid baboons between anubis and hamadryas named the Gorge group was studied for five months in the Awash Valley, Ethiopia. Both morphologically and genetically, anubis features were prevalent in the Gorge group. Three types of subgroups within the group were distinguished: one-male groups, pair groups, and multi-male groups. The joining and parting of subgroups is examined by cluster-analysis. The Gorge group is concluded to be a single social unit, though it was composed of two… CONTINUE READING
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