Socioeconomic inequalities in morbidity among the elderly; a European overview.

  title={Socioeconomic inequalities in morbidity among the elderly; a European overview.},
  author={Martijn Huisman and Anton Eduard Kunst and Johan Pieter Mackenbach},
  journal={Social science & medicine},
  volume={57 5},
There is some evidence on socioeconomic inequality in morbidity among elderly people, but this evidence remains fragmentary. This study aims to give a comprehensive overview of educational and income inequalities in morbidity among the elderly of eleven European countries. Data from the first wave of 1994 of the European Community Household Panel were used. The study population comprised a total of 14,107 men and 17,243 women, divided into three age groups: 60-69, 70-79 and 80+. Three health… CONTINUE READING

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