Socioeconomic background and war mortality during Vietnam's wars.

  title={Socioeconomic background and war mortality during Vietnam's wars.},
  author={Merli Mg},
  • Merli Mg
  • Published 2000
  • Political Science
  • Demography
To understand the experience of North Vietnamese soldiers and civilians during the American war, I explore the paths leading Vietnamese men into battle by considering the relationship between socioeconomic status and war mortality. I use data obtained from retrospective information on kin survival and other socioeconomic characteristics given by respondents in the 1995 Vietnam Longitudinal Survey conducted in Vietnam’s Red River Delta. My findings are opposite to those often cited to describe… Expand
War, Military Service, and Union Formation in Northern Vietnam
As wars exert increasing force on global affairs, there is greater demand for understanding the international diversity of family experiences with conflicts. This study examines the relationshipExpand
War, Military Service, and Union Formation in Northern Vietnam
As wars exert increasing force on global affairs, there is greater demand for understanding the international diversity of family experiences with conflicts. This study examines the relationshipExpand
The long-term impact of war on health and wellbeing in Northern Vietnam: some glimpses from a recent survey.
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Military service, exposure to trauma, and health in older adulthood: an analysis of northern Vietnamese survivors of the Vietnam War.
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Design and measurement in a study of war exposure, health, and aging: protocol for the Vietnam health and aging study
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The Privileges of Rank
  • A. MacLean
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Armed forces and society
  • 2008
The article argues that the extent to which the effect of military service on veterans' lives corresponds with one or another of the preceding theories depends on historical shifts in three dimensions: conscription, conflict, and benefits. Expand
Indispensable Sons: Negotiating reproductive desires in rural Vietnam
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Vietnamese casualties during the American war: a new estimate.
Retrospective reports of the birth and death dates of 5562 kin from the 1991 Vietnam Life History Survey (VLHS) a sample survey of 403 households and 921 adults in four areas of Vietnam provideExpand
America's Vietnam Casualties: Victims of a Class War?
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The Burden of the Draft: The Vietnam Years
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Mortality in Vietnam, 1979–1989
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The Great War and the British People.
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Family and household structure in Vietnam: some glimpses from a recent survey.
This analysis of Vietnamese families and households was based on the 1991 Vietnam Life History Survey which was not reliably a nationally representative sample. The sample was small (403 households)Expand