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This article defines sociodrama as an experiential group-as-a-whole procedure for social exploration and inter-group conflict trans-formation. As such, sociodrama can be regarded as an action-oriented and structured counterpart to group analysis with large groups. After a brief description of its history, practice and theory, three different applications of sociodrama are described which alternatively focus on actual traumatic events and social crises, on political change and social… 

Responses to the Threat of Climate Change: A Sociodramatic Exploration

Katerina Seligman describes a sociodrama undertaken during a residential psychodrama workshop, whereby sociodramatic questions regarding the global threat of climate change were posed, and a range of

From sculpting an intervention to healing in action

The theory and selected sociodramatic components of the intervention that promote healing in action to reduce HIV/STI risk among heterosexually identified, low-income African American men and women with multiple sex partners are summarized.

Kinder/caring: Exploring the Use and Effects of Sociodrama in a Kindergarten Classroom

This a/r/tographic inquiry explores how Senior Kindergarten students experience sociodramatic activities based upon the work of Moreno (1943) and Boal (1985, 1995, 1998, 2002, 2006). Through


Adolescence is a period marked by several biopsychosocial changes, such as the body. When this change does not correspond to the socially established standard of beauty, adolescents need to deal with

The Effectiveness of Sociodrama to Improve Students’ Anger Management Skills

The school students still show aggressive behavior such as shouting, swearing and glaring when offended, mocking, kicking and fighting, all of these are because of the uncontrolled anger. The purpose

Psychodrama at distance: Effective supervision using communication technologies

Psychodrama and electronic technologies seem unlikely bedfellows. As this paper demonstrates, they are, in fact, made for each other though surprisingly little has been written about their combined

Política racial afirmativa e afetividade na interação intergrupal

Trata-se do estudo sobre a afetividade presente na interacao racial, a partir da implantacao da politica de cotas para negros na Universidade de Brasilia. A politica racial afirmativa expoe os

A Drama Textbook with Sociodrama Method: Research and Development in Linguistic Education Study Program in Central Java

This research was aimed to determine: (1) the quality of drama textbook which is used in Study Program of Language Education in Private Universities in Central Java; (2) how the development of drama

Wearables in sociodrama: An embodied mixed-methods study of expressiveness in social interactions

Abstract This mixed-methods study investigates the use of wearable technology in embodied psychology research and explores the potential of incorporating bio-signals to focus on the bodily impact of