Sociodemographic characteristics associated with binge drinking among Brazilians.

  title={Sociodemographic characteristics associated with binge drinking among Brazilians.},
  author={Daniel S{\'o}crates Castroand and Zila M Sanchez and Marcos Zaleski and Hamer Nastasy Palhares Alves and Ilana Pinsky and Raul Caetano and Ronaldo Ramos Laranjeira},
  journal={Drug and alcohol dependence},
  volume={126 1-2},
BACKGROUND Binge drinking (BD) is a harmful pattern of alcohol use. This study describes this pattern of drinking and the sociodemographic variables associated with it in a representative sample of Brazilians. METHODS A cross-sectional survey of 3007 individuals using a multistage probabilistic sample was conducted in 143 Brazilian municipalities. The frequency of BD in the year preceding the study was assessed. BD was defined as the consumption of four drinks of alcohol within a two-hour… CONTINUE READING