Socio-demographic co-relates of psychiatric disorders.


OBJECTIVE To find out the magnitude of probable psychopathology in children and study association of psychopathology with demographic, developmental and social factors. METHODS Childhood Psychopathology Measurement Schedule (CPMS) was used to measure the magnitude of probable psychopathology in 620 children from an urban slum of Miraj (Maharashtra). A second schedule recorded demographic, developmental and social factors. RESULTS CPMS score > 10 was observed in 102 children (16.5%). It was significantly higher in children aged 7-10 years, in males, belonging to lower socioeconomic status, large families, being first born, having low birth weight (LBW); body mass index (BMI) less than 18.5. Low maternal education and alcohol abuse in father also had significant association with CPMS score > 10. CONCLUSION Findings suggest a need to educate the community about psychological implications of LBW, large family size and overcrowding in children. Improving maternal education and controlling alcoholism could help in reducing childhood psychopathology.

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