Socio‐Economic Studies on Suicide: A Survey

  title={Socio‐Economic Studies on Suicide: A Survey},
  author={Joe Chen and Yun Jeong Choi and Kohta Mori and Yasuyuki Sawada and Saki Sugano},
  journal={Wiley-Blackwell: Journal of Economic Surveys},
In this article, we review economic theories and empirical studies on the socioeconomic aspects of suicide. Through our survey, we would like to emphasize the importance of studying suicide by employing a "rational" approach that complements the medical perspective on suicide, which assumes suicide to be the result of "irrational" behavior arising from mental illnesses such as depression and other psychiatric disorders. We first introduce major economic theories of suicide, followed by a… Expand
Suicide and socioeconomic determinants in Canada: beyond morality and philosophy
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Suicide, Aging, and Permanent Income: A Social Norms Approach
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The Impacts of Social Protection Policies and Programs on Suicide: A Literature Review
  • Chun-Bae Kim
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • International journal of health services : planning, administration, evaluation
  • 2018
The empirical findings and theoretical approaches in published papers on the relationship between suicide and social protection are summarized, and knowledge gaps for future studies are identified. Expand
The social and economic determinants of suicide
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The social and economic determinants of suicide in Canadian provinces Health Economics Review Provided in Cooperation with : SpringerOpen
Background: In this paper we investigate the causal relationship between suicide and a variety of socioeconomic variables. We use a panel data set of Canadian provinces, 2000 – 2008, and a set ofExpand
The social and economic determinants of suicide in Canadian provinces
It is found that the social and economic determinants of suicide in Canadian provinces vary across total, male, and female counts (natural logarithms) and rates and that the results vary depending on the econometric method employed. Expand


Suicide: a 15-year review of the sociological literature. Part I: cultural and economic factors.
  • S. Stack
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Suicide & life-threatening behavior
  • 2000
Cultural and economic patterns from 130 sociological works on suicide from 1981 to 1995 are reviewed and patterns of continued stability in suicide research findings in areas such as racial differences and economic strain are noted. Expand
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Although sociologists have developed and tested numerous theories about suicide, economists have not analyzed this phenomenon. We derive an economic theory of suicide and test its implications using:Expand
Suicide in the world: toward a population increase theory of suicide.
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The Economics of Suicide, Revisited
Only a small fraction of suicide attempts are fatal. Nonfatal attempts might elicit resources and care from others, enhancing economic prospects for those who survive. I expand the standardExpand
Analysis of the Socioeconomic Difficulties Affecting the Suicide Rate in Japan
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Are there social correlates to suicide?
  • I. Mäkinen
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Social science & medicine
  • 1997
The original correlations seem to have been largely spurious and dependent on the fact that the more modern countries in Europe experienced a "suicide boom" in the 1960s, and were reversed or disappeared. Expand
A Search Theory of Suicide
Existing economic models of suicide provide no systematic means of addressing how suicidal persons choose their suicide methods. In this article, the tools of search theory are used to characterizeExpand
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National cultures of suicide have found renewed interest in the recent literature on variation in suicide rates. Fixed-effects estimation controls more elegantly and comprehensively for such culturesExpand
An analysis of the effects of suicide prevention facilities on suicide rates in the United States.
An association of centers with the reduction of suicides in young white females emerged, and this finding was replicated on a different set of counties for a different time span. Expand
Inequality and Suicide Mortality: A Cross-Country Study
This paper tests whether economic inequality is related to suicide mortality. Using an unbalanced panel of 40 countries for the period 1947-2001 allows us to control for the effect of unobservedExpand