Socialism and the Unity of Physical Forces

  title={Socialism and the Unity of Physical Forces},
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A new approach to the application of the principles of sustainable development
  • Inese Trusina, E. Jermolajeva
  • Economics
    22nd International Scientific Conference. “Economic Science for Rural Development 2021” No 55 Sustainable Bioeconomy, Integrated and Sustainable Regional Development, Rural Development and Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy: Climate Change, Environmental Aspect, Cooperation, Supply Chains, Efficienc
  • 2021
Most of the environmental, economic, social and political problems that have given rise to the global crisis continue to grow negatively and rapidly. It is with this situation that the world
An Updated Review on Net-Zero Energy and Water Buildings: Design and Operation
Recently, net-zero buildings (NZBs) have specially attracted the attention of researchers due to their high performance in saving energy and reducing environmental impacts. A zero energy building
The Factual Nature of Resource Flow Accounting in the Calculation in Kind of the “Other Austrian Economics”
In the 1910s and 1920s, Austrian thinkers Josef Popper-Lynkeus (1838–1921) and Otto Neurath (1882–1945) ascended as the main advocates of a heterodox, biophysical approach to economic science dubbed
Metals, Energy and Sustainability: The Story of Doctor Copper and King Coal
This book explains how and where copper and fossil fuels were formed and the likely future for the extraction of copper and coal. The colourful chronology of our efforts to extract metals from
Is ‘Renewable Energy’ a Myth? A Comparison between Muscle Work and Agrofuel Energy in Agricultural Production
This study emerges from the rising concern that the now widespread faith in renewable energy systems—as a way to deal with the ecological crisis—may be unfounded. Drawing on inspiration from the
El aporte del pensamiento de Karl Polanyi a la cuestión ambiental
Gran parte de la literatura referida a la historia del pensamiento economico y al vinculo especifico entre economia y naturaleza, traza un recorrido historico que va desde las primeras discusiones