Socialism and Esotericism in July Monarchy France

  title={Socialism and Esotericism in July Monarchy France},
  author={J. Strube},
  journal={History of Religions},
  pages={197 - 221}
  • J. Strube
  • Published 2017
  • History
  • History of Religions
0018-2710/2017/5702-0004$10.00 1 For example, George D. H. Cole, A Histor lan, 1959), 56; Frank Edward Manuel, The Pro vard University Press, 1965), 152, 63–64, 84 (New York: Praeger, 1969), 8–10, 54. 2 See, e.g., Henri Desroche, “Messianismes occidental,” Archives des Sciences Sociales de man, “Religion, Politics and Utopia in French Studies 11, no. 3 (1974): 307–24; Paul Bénich SOCIAL ISM AND ESOTERIC ISM IN JULY MONARCHY FRANCE Julian Strube 
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Hauger had maintained contacts with French Swedenborgians. About his correspondence with Le Boys des Guays, one of the most influential Swedenborgians, see Karl-Erik Sjödén
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Ordre des Elus Coëns and had participated in the masonic convent of Wilhelmsbad. See Gérard van Rijnberk
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According to Erdan, who was friends with many of the social reformers, the mysticisme philosophique of the socialists formed part of the great "mystical
  • Tableau Des Excentricités Religieuses De Ce Temps
Ein neues Christentum
      Examen de la doctrine de J. Boehme et de Saint-Martin
      • Revue du progrès social
      He became increasingly irritated by Muiron's repeated inquiries about authors like Saint-Martin and Swedenborg; cf
        Heine had written a work, De l'Allemagne (1834-35)
          It may be mentioned that de Maistre was influenced by the writings of the Cambridge Platonists. See ibid