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Social vulnerability to climate change in European cities – state of play in policy and Practice

  title={Social vulnerability to climate change in European cities – state of play in policy and Practice},
  author={Margaretha Breil and Clare Downing and Aleksandra Kaźmierczak and Kirsi M{\"a}kinen and Linda Romanovska and Emma Terama and Robert Swart},
Climate change impacts do not affect all citizens in the same way. They often cause worse impacts on certain vulnerable groups within cities. The aim of this technical paper is to provide the state-of-play in policy and practice for addressing social vulnerability to climate change in urban areas. 

Building Resilient Cities: Climate Change and Health Interlinkages in the Planning of Public Spaces

Greenhouse gases emissions resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels are worsening air quality and affecting the climate system. While climate change impacts on meteorological variables affects

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This paper presents and discusses the use of methodologies for shared and participatory planning through Geodesign, in areas of irregular occupation and social vulnerability in the urban areas of the

Social inequalities in heat-attributable mortality in the city of Turin, northwest of Italy: a time series analysis from 1982 to 2018

The associations between heat and mortality is unequal across different aspects of social vulnerability, and, inter alia, factors influencing the population vulnerability to temperatures can be related to demographic, social, and economic aspects.



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The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) highlighted the importance of cities to climate action, as well as the unjust burdens borne by the world's most disadvantaged

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This report is concerned with justice in the distribution of the effects of flooding and heatwaves on people's well-being.

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Aims and Objectives: This report presents findings from an action research project conducted in the Scottish Borders between May 2015 and September 2016. The project aimed to:1) Support a local

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The paper argues that the debate on justice will (re)emerge, since the differences in distributional outcomes are likely to become increasingly uneven as a result of increasing flood risk.

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As the emphasis in climate change research, international negotiations, and developing‐country activities has shifted from mitigation to adaptation, vulnerability has emerged as a bridge between