Social support influences preferences for feminine facial cues in potential social partners.

  title={Social support influences preferences for feminine facial cues in potential social partners.},
  author={Christopher D. Watkins and Lisa M. DeBruine and Anthony C. Little and Benedict C. Jones},
  journal={Experimental psychology},
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Most previous studies of individual differences in women's and men's preferences for sexually dimorphic physical characteristics have focused on the importance of mating-related factors for judgments of opposite-sex individuals. Although studies have suggested that people may show stronger preferences for feminine individuals of both sexes under conditions where social support may be at a premium (e.g., during phases of the menstrual cycle where raised progesterone prepares women's bodies for… Expand
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Hormonal effects on women's facial masculinity preferences: The influence of pregnancy, post-partum, and hormonal contraceptive use
It is found that women's preference for masculinity in men's face, but not women's faces, decreases in the post-partum period relative to pregnancy, and when compared to a sample of nulliparous control participants, post- partum participants showed different masculinity preferences. Expand
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Correlated preferences for facial masculinity and ideal or actual partner's masculinity
It is shown that women's preferences for masculinity manipulated in male faces using techniques similar to the three most widely used methods are positively inter-related and positively related to ratings of the masculinity of their actual partner and their ideal partner. Expand
Are attractive men's faces masculine or feminine? The importance of controlling confounds in face stimuli.
General femininity preferences for both types of faces are found when nonface confounds in the stimuli were eliminated through masking and the influence of nonface cues on preferences for facial masculinity deserves further study. Expand
Sexual dimorphism in the female face is a cue to health and social status but not age
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Women's Preferences for Male Behavioral Displays Change Across the Menstrual Cycle
Women's preference for men who displayed social presence and direct intrasexual competitiveness increased on high-fertility days relative to low-f fertility days, but only in a short-term, not a long-term mating context, adding to the growing literature indicating that women's mate preferences systematically vary across the reproductive cycle. Expand
Commitment to relationships and preferences for femininity and apparent health in faces are strongest on days of the menstrual cycle when progesterone level is high
It is found that women's preferences for social cues associated with possible direct benefits and commitment to relationships are strongest during conditions characterized by raised progesterone level, while attraction to men displaying cues related to possible indirect benefits is strongest when women are most fertile. Expand
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Visual adaptation to masculine and feminine faces influences generalized preferences and perceptions of trustworthiness
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Human preferences for facial masculinity change with relationship type and environmental harshness
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Men report stronger attraction to femininity in women's faces when their testosterone levels are high
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