Social stress and escalated drug self-administration in mice I. Alcohol and corticosterone

  title={Social stress and escalated drug self-administration in mice I. Alcohol and corticosterone},
  author={K. Norman and Jacob A. Seiden and Jacob A. Klickstein and Xiao Han and Lara S. Hwa and Joseph F. DeBold and Klaus A. Miczek},
  • K. Norman, Jacob A. Seiden, +4 authors Klaus A. Miczek
  • Published 2014
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Psychopharmacology
  • RationaleStress experiences have been shown to be a risk factor for alcohol abuse in humans; however, a reliable mouse model using episodic social stress has yet to be developed.ObjectivesThe current studies investigated the effects of mild and moderate social defeat protocols on plasma corticosterone, voluntary alcohol drinking, and motivation to drink alcohol.MethodsOutbred Carworth Farms Webster (CFW) mice were socially defeated for 10 days during which the intruder mouse underwent mild (15… CONTINUE READING
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