Social perception of speech in individuals with oropharyngeal reconstruction.

  title={Social perception of speech in individuals with oropharyngeal reconstruction.},
  author={Jana Rieger and Nicole Dickson and Roxanne Lemire and Kathleen Bloom and John F Wolfaardt and Ulrich Wolfaardt and Hadi R Seikaly},
  journal={Journal of psychosocial oncology},
  volume={24 4},
Oral cancer affects approximately 5% of the Canadian population every year. One option for treatment of oropharyngeal cancer includes resection of the diseased tissue with primary reconstruction of the defect using a microvascular free flap, followed by post-operative adjuvant radiation therapy. The aim of reconstructive surgery is to maintain functional speech and swallowing. While the literature provides support for the maintenance of speech intelligibility following reconstructive procedures… CONTINUE READING
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